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Ride fast with the Ridefast Hotwire 29

Ridefast Racing wheels have been a part of our shop for a number of years. We connected with them for their craftsmanship in building exceptional quality wheels with premium parts – they even built custom Lefty front wheels for many of our customer’s Cannondale F-Si and Scalpels. The builds are extremely precise (and can be customized), the weight is category-leading, and the price is right. It’s a win, win, win set-up.

Ridefast recently updated across their line – including their XC race wheelset, the Hotwire. The original version of the Hotwire checked all the boxes that a light XC wheelset should: it was light, spun up to speed quickly, and had a great ride feel that only comes from a carbon rim with the right amount compliance and stiffness. 

This year, Ridefast revised the Hotwire by increasing the internal width from 23mm to 25mm. The vertical compliance/ride quality remains very similar, but they’re much more laterally stiff and track better during hard cornering and in rough terrain – a great improvement as XC courses and riders are getting more demanding. 

The Hotwire is now available in two versions: 

The Hotwire 29

A mountain-oriented wheel available only with our US built Boost hub which features a titanium freehub available in XD, Shimano 11 Speed, and Shimano 12 speed micro spline configurations.  


A gravel focused wheel that uses the new 25mm internal width Hotwire rim and pairs it with our new CenterLock Gravel/Road Disc Hub available in XD/R and Shimano 11 speed freehub alloy freehub configurations; and 12 or 15mm front hubs, paired with 12×142 rear hubs.

Curious? Stop in and see why these wheels continually win races and MTBR’s Gear of the Year award!