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The Topstone gets a Lefty

Most riders are already familiar with the Topstone – Cannondale’s dedicated gravel bike with Kingpin suspension. We’ve pedaled plenty of miles off the beaten paths and have found them to be the prefect mix of performance, comfort, and maximum fun on any terrain. (Read about that here). 

It starts with the Kingpin suspension. This simple, maintenance-free system allows for 30mm of travel built into the frame. Cannondale is a master at building suspension into a frame. The Topstone is a perfect sample of how to take advantage of the carbon layup to create leaf spring shock absorption. It soaks up bumps, road vibration and trail chatter with no shock or linkage.

Introducing the Lefty Oliver

The new Topstone goes all in on adventure with a new Lefty fork. The Oliver is engineered from the ground up for pure gravel performance. Like the rear of the bike, this gravel specific fork offers 30mm to take the edges off the rough stuff and keep the rider in complete control. 

One of the primary difference in the standard Topstone and those equipped with the Lefty Oliver is wheel and tire size. The standard Topstone runs a 700c wheel size, while the Lefty Oliver version uses a 650 ‘road plus’ size for even more off road capabilities.

Proportional Response

It all comes together on the frame. Cannondale has tuned each size with a unique carbon layup meaning that each size will have ideal frame stiffness without the need for any setup. 

One more thing… It also goes electric

It gets even better: there’s an e-bike version – the Topstone Neo Carbon. We’ll have more on this once we get one it and have the chance to ride one. We know that it’s built on the same platform and tuned to be an exceptional on and off road e-bike.

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