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Introducing Limar Italia to the Stage 21 showroom

We’re excited to announce a new addition to Stage 21 – Limar Italia helmets. You’ve seem them in the pro peloton (Limar has been the official helmet for Astana for the past 3 seasons) and on some of the world’s best riders – and now they’ve found their way to our shop.

Limar was founded in 1986 in the historic Northern Italian town of Bergamo, Italy. It was the early days of performance cycling helmets and they were at the front of the pack from the beginning. One of their earliest collaborations was with the great Italian World Champion, Gianni Bugno. Gianni had three simple challenges for Limar: make it “compatto, leggero e veloce” – make it compact, light and fast. These three ideals still compel and inspire Limar every day to create the world’s finest racing helmets for the sport’s greatest champions.  

a group of riders gather as the sun sets.

We’re bringing in the full range from Limar. From their flagship Air Pro MIPS, to their featherweight Ultralight, to the sleek Air Master, Limar has a helmet that fits your riding style. 


With an evocative form that screams speed, the Ultralight’s true advantage is its remarkable low weight. Lightweight design has always been one of Limar’s core tenets. After all… the lighter it is, the faster you go. At just 220 grams and with 22 strategically placed cooling vents, the Ultralight+ is as cool as it is fast.


22 air vents
Integrated bug net
Integrated rear light (removable)
220g for a medium size


red Air Pro helmet on a table at a coffee shop in italy

A captivating form with design inspired by the classic leather “hairnet” helmets of the past and packed with all the features a World Tour Pro could want, the Air Pro MIPS checks every box. Lightweight, aerodynamic, compact, exceptionally ventilated and featuring MIPS Ai, the Air Pro is the ideal companion for your best days on the bike. The helmet of choice for Pro Team Astana’s Grand Tour contenders.


20 air vents
MIPS Ai protection
265g for a medium size


cyclist wearing the white Air Master helmet

The Air Master features an ultra compact silhouette, refined in the wind tunnel to strike the perfect balance between aero efficiency and ventilation. Limar engineers used data paired with feedback from Team Astana to optimize the shape and ideal placement of the 15 cooling vents and internal channeling. Remarkably fast and cool.


15 air vents
265g for a medium size

group of cyclists have an espresso in Italy.