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The New Kenda Tires 4titude Pro All-conditions Tire Is A Fast Roller.

Kenda quietly released several new tires back in 2019 including a new all-season, all-conditions training and racing tire, the 4titude Pro. 

Before these new tires launched, Kenda has been investing heavily in new technology at their Ohio headquarters. All R&D, engineering, and testing happens here – they’ve even built a mountain bike test track on site. Their goal: incorporate technologies from Kenda’s other devisions into their cycling line of tires. And judging by their recent product updates, their plan is working. 

The 4titude Pro was previously available in a 25c and 28c varieties. However, our test tires are a soon-to-be released 32c and feature a file-tread diamond pattern in the center and a smaller diamond pattern on the shoulders for cornering grip. Puncture protecting is handled by Kenda’s K-Armor, and R3C (road 3 compound rubber) helps keep rolling resistance down and grip (and your bike) up. A tubeless variation is also in the works. 

The ride

Ride quality is as expected on a tire such as this. They roll very smooth. The file tread is substantial enough to add traction yet small enough to not add resistance. Knowing that these tires add puncture protection is always great peace of mind, too.

Who they’re for

The 4titude Pro is ideal for any rider looking for an all-conditions tire. They do well in wet and dry surfaces (though they’re clearly not a mud tire). Riders looking for a tire for training miles across a variety of road conditions will also appreciate a bit of added grip and reliability. 

One area where these tires perform is “mixed media” rides and races like SoCal’s Belgian Waffle Ride. The 4titude Pro handles large sectors of pavement, then gravel, then pavement with ease. For some riders, a dedicated gravel tire is too much, and a 32c file tread can be the perfect option (though we’d choose tubeless if that were an option). 

We took the 4titude off road to Santiago Truck Trail – a hard packed off road trail that climbs up above Orange County. The tires climbed fast and performed as a file tread would and never flatted despite the trail being full of sharp rocks and debris. 

As of this post, the 32c tubeless version is not yet available. However, riders looking for a great all-conditions training tire or those that prefer the 28c or 25c widths should pick up a set.

Specs and weights from Kenda’s site.